Where jumping out of a valkyrie into a contested warzone with absolutely no armored vehicles and few supplies is a regular day's work...

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I'm back! and have decided to make this blog elysian EXCLUSIVE. So check here for updates on my Elysian army :)

for the first one:

I finally built my 2nd elysian squad :) now for 2 valkyries and some sturmtruppen. :p

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Join us!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cool BA successor chapter name

I was messing around online and found out a very fitting and cool name for a Chapter descended from the Blood Angels:

Cado Angelus (Fallen Angels)

This would be a perfect fit for Sanguinius' heirs. The it single-handedly tells of a tragic and sad story to some of the most noble of warriors, those who fall to the Black Rage.

Hello new chapter...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New site up.

Check out
 the new site that I have joined.

I should be putting up some stuff soon.

Unto the Anvil of WAR!!!!

O.k. so this post has almost nothing to do with the title.

But, I have decided to team up with Ace_blitzkrieg and RedHarvest on 40klegions to create a new, fully dedicated site that will be twice as good as ElysianRecon. Of course, E.R. (lol) will stick around, but will lose most of the attention I've given it for the last few months. Overall, I really think that this was the most successful blog I've done, and even earned me some new tips, some ways to help my elysians and most amount of followers (6! Whoo hoo!) So it'll be sad to leave it to linger on like a wounded marine, but, such is the price of "victory", and all of my elysians know that their loss of the spotlight will further the "Imperium's" aims. So I say, "forwards, fellow guardsmen, unto victory and honor!"
(I am TOTALLY going to make that my guard's battle cry... :p)

However, I will be on here for a while longer, so keep on posting comments!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Salahiem 352nd

Here's the background I decided to write for the Salahiem 352nd.

Founded: 667.M39

Strength: 20,000

Speciality: Armored assaults, Urban tank warfare.

Preferred Heavy weapon: Rocket launcher.

Preferred Special Weapon: Meltagun, grenade launcher.


Salahiem is a world of about 9 billion citizens located in between Armageddon and Catachan. Regiments raised on Salahiem are known to be some of the Imperium's best tankers, and their honor roll on Terra shows this with an accredited 280 victories in some of the most dangerous warzones imaginable. Regiments have participated in the 2nd and 3rd Armageddon wars, The Sabbat Worlds crusade, 13th Black Crusade, Heracles VIII, Icarius, Kolvax III, Actions against Hive Fleets Behemoth, Leviathan and Splinter fleet Hydra,  The Badab war and numerous other warzones. Their abilities as urban tankers comes from their history, for only 13 years to the day that Salahiem was settled, A massive Rebellion took place on the planet, and multiple Elysian and Steel Legion regiments were called in to help quash the heretics. However, very little support was assigned in the way of tanks, and when the PDF finally had Leman Russes delivered, they found that no demolishers were included. However, this absolutely did not stop them, and the new armored companies soon developed a creed-focus or die. This process weeded out every potential coward in the PDF and still does today in the planet's regiments.

However, as an unfortunate side effect to veteran soldiers and tank crews, let alone Iron Discipline, the Salaheim veterans have an unfortunate tendency to become absolutely ruthless and uncaring of others that potentially stand in their way. For example, during the cleansing of Tzairiss Gamma II, the faith these soldiers had in the emperor allowed them to fight without a single soldier being corrupted, but their disregard for anyone out of their ranks horrified the Cadian 567th light infantry to the extent of leaving Kasrkin outraged when a Cadian squad came across a destroyed Traitor Guard Chimera and mangled bodies that had been shredded by an idle Leman Russ. When a closer look was taken, more than half the dead had been innocent civilians who had been trying to cross when the Russ happened upon the Chimera. When asked, the tank's gunner mildly said, "Damn Civvies got in the way." before opening up with the Battle Cannon and heavy bolters.

The Salaheim regiments have a high number of Commissars who are, incidentally, from the same planet as the regiments. In addition, upon a regiments founding, each soldier will lay a hand on an aquila or equivalent on their tank and swear to protect it as long as they can. These oaths are taken seriously, almost to the extent where soldiers will disregard orders to protect their vehicle, and many last stands can be seen around a companies Leman Russes or Chimeras. Also, every sergeant or above is gifted with a priceless chainsword known fondly as a "Dragon's Bite." These are no normal chainswords, but diamond tipped admantium laced chainblades with massive motors that power them. These weapons can and will chew through most armor types, and power armor seems to be no protection against these weapons.

The veterans of the salahiem regiments tend to follow orders, and are mostly reliable, dedicated soldiers. As a reward, veterans of tank companies/regiments receive a wide range of goods that they can buy from the ratlings that are almost always attached as cooks or scouts, and many troopers take the term, "finders keepers"(an old nursery rhyme on Salaheim phrase quite literally, although the same item may end up changing hands several times in the same day, depending on how good the thief is...) Tank crews are known to fit their tank up with whatever they feel like and if they find something they want, they usually get it.

The Salaheim regiments do not tolerate cowards or criminals, and regard almost every other world's regiments with distrust and scorn, aside from proven fighters that can get the job done. They hold the Elysians and Steel Legion in extremely high esteem, but otherwise, few have "the balls to fight a real war."


Salaheim Tank regiments usually consist of 5 companies, each company has:

9 Leman Russes of Various types, (mainly regular battle tanks and demolishers, although they do have a few executioners.)
3 sentinels,
4 veteran squads,
4 valkyries for supplies/ troop transport
attached extra units
Chimeras for unmouted troops

(3 baneblades are in the 352nd.)

That's it for now. tell me what you think.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Something approaches...

Something big comes this way, and it will crush those in its path.

You have been warned

Elysian squad and valkyrie.

 the night hawk.

ECHO Vet squad sarge, trooper and grenadier.

Commissar lord Tarrick,  troopers and Drop Sentinel "Valkyrie's claw"

That's it for now, C&C welcome, and although I still have a HHHUUUGGGEEE problem about what guard army to make, I might get some Vostroyans done next. (Tanks anyone???)

Ah well.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Narrative gaming


I recently decided that I wanted to play a narrative 40k game and as such, I'm headed to BOLSCon! But, I can't decide on which army to use, my Elysian drop troops on Taros or The Vostroyans on Vraks.

And why am I in this predicament???

Simple: I need a 3000 point army, and because i'm using metal and resin models, I cannot afford an army. Let alone the fact that I have to paint it, all by the end of july. So what can I do? I have to try to fit the background of each campaign, but each army is waaaayyyy too small to consider using. So do I choose plenty of Valkyries, or a mechanized urban company?

Anyways, I just found my camera and I will try to post some pics of my first elysian unit and my valkyrie later.

Happy Gaming!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


1 full elysian squad down! Only 1 valkyrie, some stormtroopers, and another squad to go!

2000 point Guard army

So I was thinking...(surprise!) What should I put in my guard army? I have been debating this for a couple weeks now and I think that I finally got my list ready:

Straken & Cmd Squad
Medic, standard, officer of the fleet, carapace armor, autocannon, mstr of ordnance

Chimera w/ extra armr and stubber

Lord Commisar w/ carapace and pwr fist


10 stormtroopers
pwr wpn, 2 meltaguns

4x Veteran squads
3 meltaguns, carapace, pwr wpn

2x Chimeras w/ extra armr and stubber

3x scout sentinels

2x Valkyries
lascannons, hellstrike missiles

Leman Russ
Heavy bolters, stubber, extra armor, lascannon

Pts total: 1990

I really like this list and think it could bring my regiments some well-deserved experience

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Elysian Update

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting some stuff earlier but I was on a rugby trip for a week and I had no access to the internet, otherwise, I have completed the: Night Hawk

Pilot: Lt. Gharran
Co-pilot: Sgt. Evan
Serial No. 1115352702.41
522nd regiment, 2nd company

Primary Armament: Lascannon,
Secondary: 2 Hellstrike missiles
Optional: Door heavy bolters.

I don't have pics yet but when I do i'll post them up. The bloody thing took forever to finish, but it came out even better than I had hoped. Now only 5 to go! :0

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I love these Cossack warriors and was planning on collecting them before I started Elysians. However, a failed Direct Order resulted in the loss of the main part of my force. Anyway, Expect to see the Vostroyans and their attached heavy armor on the site soon. They will be under command of my Elysians until they have a legal list, and by then most of them should be painted. So...yeah. Just wanted to explain that and the reason why 1-2 Lemans get into my army for a while.

Army updates:photos

Okay, as I promised, I have pics of my finished Guard:

Commisar-captain Tarik, 2iC of the 522nd. Currently reorganising the 2nd company.

Elysian drop sentinel. Believed to be replaced by the Venator soon.
(this sentinel will remain in the one of the last 3 Squadrons of the 522nd's Light Armored Walker recon company) This sentinel is painted in the Livery of the 522nd's armor elements, Olive Green and black/gray. It is extremely worn and has not seen repair for weeks, and hasty improvements such as the removal of the auspex that usually sits in front of the pilot indicates heavy Urban Fighting, where the pilot has come to rely on his senses rather than an instrument.

Griffon Short-ranged Artillery mortar. Currently assigned to the 522nd as a result of the Vostroyan additions. The colors reflect this and also indicate a Urban environment, however the tracks suggest muddy fields such as ones commonly associated with trench warfare.

Please excuse the terrible photos. I didn't exactly get pictures at the right time of day and the light was awful...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A forewarning.

I just wanted everyone that looks here to know that I take a huge amount of inspiration from the ODSTs in Halo. I'm not trying to annoy anyone. I just really like them. Take this into consideration the next time you see this blog and ask, "Is this a 40k blog??? Looks more like a Halo one to me." The reason that the ODST's are here are to provide me with some images of what my Elysians should look like, that's all.


Oh, and I'm going to try to get some pictures up by Friday... still have to paint...

The First Post...

This is the celebrated first post of the Elysian 522nd Recon Regiment's blog.

Here's a little history about the 522nd. (Revised)

The 522nd Recon was founded on Elysia in the mid 40th Millennium. They were raised as part of a quick reaction force that was to be sent to "Delay" WAAAGH! Dregtoof. Luckily for the newly-founded regiment, a Munitorum adept who was a little too drunk accidentally assigned too many sentinels, which caused a disruption in the regiment that couldn't be resolved until after the task force left, leaving the new regiment with a high ratio of armored sentinels, a hell of a lot of Valkyries and their lives, as news was received 2 months later of the Task force's complete annihilation. Luckily, their lives delayed the orks long enough (in true Astartes fashion) for the Shadow Stalkers Chapter to break the back of the orks and systematically purge them. Due to this, the 522nd was relegated to a reserve regiment until 645.M41, when a Chaos rebellion in the Viktarrix cluster almost destroyed the 671st Vostroyan regiment. When the 522nd arrived, they adopted the Night world's camo and went on a 3 year cleansing of Viktarrix Ultima, no small feat in itself, considering the amount of Heretics on the planet at the time.
In the Aftermath of the conflict, the 671st was joined with the suprisingly undamaged 522nd Elysian, and therefore lent the Recon regiment around 30 to 40 APC's and 10 to 20 Battle tanks. Soon after Viktarrix Ultima, the 522nd were sent to Durant Gamma-3 a small forge world, and stationed there to resupply and rearm, however, a transportation SNAFU delayed the 522nd from their next world of conquest. A couple months later they were back in the frying pan, and up to it in the Icarius Reclamations, a 15 year crusade from hell that only 1 in 20 soldiers survived, and by the end of it, only about 4.318% of the original Regiment was still around. The regiment then went on to serve in the Quaria Explorations, Tirrandia Uprising, Fornial Suppression, Cleansing of H'ulain, and Invasion of Gharsk before finally returning to Elysia in 873.M41 as a reserve regiment. After the figures were totaled up, It seemed that the 522nd had been absolutely wiped out 6 times and was only 12% away from become an ineffective regiment.

The 522nd only stayed a reserve company for 61 years before becoming active again, this time with a higher number of troops, Sentinels and Valkyries than before. In fact, it was widely believed that every squad had its own personal Valkyrie and the rumors may have been true. However, an investigation into the regiment revealed 20% of its members were corrupted in some way by the ruinous powers on H'ulain, and every executive officer was executed by firing squads led by Commissar-Captain Tarik, who would end up as 2nd in command of the regiment by the end of his first decade of service. He then appointed Colonel Khyle as Commanding officer and made sure that 4-9 other commissars served with the 522nd at any given time. The 522nd are currently awaiting mobilisation orders on Icarius IV

There... Long, but readable. Please leave any comments on the backstory, or if you want to, write your own armies'.