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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Army updates:photos

Okay, as I promised, I have pics of my finished Guard:

Commisar-captain Tarik, 2iC of the 522nd. Currently reorganising the 2nd company.

Elysian drop sentinel. Believed to be replaced by the Venator soon.
(this sentinel will remain in the one of the last 3 Squadrons of the 522nd's Light Armored Walker recon company) This sentinel is painted in the Livery of the 522nd's armor elements, Olive Green and black/gray. It is extremely worn and has not seen repair for weeks, and hasty improvements such as the removal of the auspex that usually sits in front of the pilot indicates heavy Urban Fighting, where the pilot has come to rely on his senses rather than an instrument.

Griffon Short-ranged Artillery mortar. Currently assigned to the 522nd as a result of the Vostroyan additions. The colors reflect this and also indicate a Urban environment, however the tracks suggest muddy fields such as ones commonly associated with trench warfare.

Please excuse the terrible photos. I didn't exactly get pictures at the right time of day and the light was awful...

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