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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A forewarning.

I just wanted everyone that looks here to know that I take a huge amount of inspiration from the ODSTs in Halo. I'm not trying to annoy anyone. I just really like them. Take this into consideration the next time you see this blog and ask, "Is this a 40k blog??? Looks more like a Halo one to me." The reason that the ODST's are here are to provide me with some images of what my Elysians should look like, that's all.


Oh, and I'm going to try to get some pictures up by Friday... still have to paint...

The First Post...

This is the celebrated first post of the Elysian 522nd Recon Regiment's blog.

Here's a little history about the 522nd. (Revised)

The 522nd Recon was founded on Elysia in the mid 40th Millennium. They were raised as part of a quick reaction force that was to be sent to "Delay" WAAAGH! Dregtoof. Luckily for the newly-founded regiment, a Munitorum adept who was a little too drunk accidentally assigned too many sentinels, which caused a disruption in the regiment that couldn't be resolved until after the task force left, leaving the new regiment with a high ratio of armored sentinels, a hell of a lot of Valkyries and their lives, as news was received 2 months later of the Task force's complete annihilation. Luckily, their lives delayed the orks long enough (in true Astartes fashion) for the Shadow Stalkers Chapter to break the back of the orks and systematically purge them. Due to this, the 522nd was relegated to a reserve regiment until 645.M41, when a Chaos rebellion in the Viktarrix cluster almost destroyed the 671st Vostroyan regiment. When the 522nd arrived, they adopted the Night world's camo and went on a 3 year cleansing of Viktarrix Ultima, no small feat in itself, considering the amount of Heretics on the planet at the time.
In the Aftermath of the conflict, the 671st was joined with the suprisingly undamaged 522nd Elysian, and therefore lent the Recon regiment around 30 to 40 APC's and 10 to 20 Battle tanks. Soon after Viktarrix Ultima, the 522nd were sent to Durant Gamma-3 a small forge world, and stationed there to resupply and rearm, however, a transportation SNAFU delayed the 522nd from their next world of conquest. A couple months later they were back in the frying pan, and up to it in the Icarius Reclamations, a 15 year crusade from hell that only 1 in 20 soldiers survived, and by the end of it, only about 4.318% of the original Regiment was still around. The regiment then went on to serve in the Quaria Explorations, Tirrandia Uprising, Fornial Suppression, Cleansing of H'ulain, and Invasion of Gharsk before finally returning to Elysia in 873.M41 as a reserve regiment. After the figures were totaled up, It seemed that the 522nd had been absolutely wiped out 6 times and was only 12% away from become an ineffective regiment.

The 522nd only stayed a reserve company for 61 years before becoming active again, this time with a higher number of troops, Sentinels and Valkyries than before. In fact, it was widely believed that every squad had its own personal Valkyrie and the rumors may have been true. However, an investigation into the regiment revealed 20% of its members were corrupted in some way by the ruinous powers on H'ulain, and every executive officer was executed by firing squads led by Commissar-Captain Tarik, who would end up as 2nd in command of the regiment by the end of his first decade of service. He then appointed Colonel Khyle as Commanding officer and made sure that 4-9 other commissars served with the 522nd at any given time. The 522nd are currently awaiting mobilisation orders on Icarius IV

There... Long, but readable. Please leave any comments on the backstory, or if you want to, write your own armies'.