Where jumping out of a valkyrie into a contested warzone with absolutely no armored vehicles and few supplies is a regular day's work...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Salahiem 352nd

Here's the background I decided to write for the Salahiem 352nd.

Founded: 667.M39

Strength: 20,000

Speciality: Armored assaults, Urban tank warfare.

Preferred Heavy weapon: Rocket launcher.

Preferred Special Weapon: Meltagun, grenade launcher.


Salahiem is a world of about 9 billion citizens located in between Armageddon and Catachan. Regiments raised on Salahiem are known to be some of the Imperium's best tankers, and their honor roll on Terra shows this with an accredited 280 victories in some of the most dangerous warzones imaginable. Regiments have participated in the 2nd and 3rd Armageddon wars, The Sabbat Worlds crusade, 13th Black Crusade, Heracles VIII, Icarius, Kolvax III, Actions against Hive Fleets Behemoth, Leviathan and Splinter fleet Hydra,  The Badab war and numerous other warzones. Their abilities as urban tankers comes from their history, for only 13 years to the day that Salahiem was settled, A massive Rebellion took place on the planet, and multiple Elysian and Steel Legion regiments were called in to help quash the heretics. However, very little support was assigned in the way of tanks, and when the PDF finally had Leman Russes delivered, they found that no demolishers were included. However, this absolutely did not stop them, and the new armored companies soon developed a creed-focus or die. This process weeded out every potential coward in the PDF and still does today in the planet's regiments.

However, as an unfortunate side effect to veteran soldiers and tank crews, let alone Iron Discipline, the Salaheim veterans have an unfortunate tendency to become absolutely ruthless and uncaring of others that potentially stand in their way. For example, during the cleansing of Tzairiss Gamma II, the faith these soldiers had in the emperor allowed them to fight without a single soldier being corrupted, but their disregard for anyone out of their ranks horrified the Cadian 567th light infantry to the extent of leaving Kasrkin outraged when a Cadian squad came across a destroyed Traitor Guard Chimera and mangled bodies that had been shredded by an idle Leman Russ. When a closer look was taken, more than half the dead had been innocent civilians who had been trying to cross when the Russ happened upon the Chimera. When asked, the tank's gunner mildly said, "Damn Civvies got in the way." before opening up with the Battle Cannon and heavy bolters.

The Salaheim regiments have a high number of Commissars who are, incidentally, from the same planet as the regiments. In addition, upon a regiments founding, each soldier will lay a hand on an aquila or equivalent on their tank and swear to protect it as long as they can. These oaths are taken seriously, almost to the extent where soldiers will disregard orders to protect their vehicle, and many last stands can be seen around a companies Leman Russes or Chimeras. Also, every sergeant or above is gifted with a priceless chainsword known fondly as a "Dragon's Bite." These are no normal chainswords, but diamond tipped admantium laced chainblades with massive motors that power them. These weapons can and will chew through most armor types, and power armor seems to be no protection against these weapons.

The veterans of the salahiem regiments tend to follow orders, and are mostly reliable, dedicated soldiers. As a reward, veterans of tank companies/regiments receive a wide range of goods that they can buy from the ratlings that are almost always attached as cooks or scouts, and many troopers take the term, "finders keepers"(an old nursery rhyme on Salaheim phrase quite literally, although the same item may end up changing hands several times in the same day, depending on how good the thief is...) Tank crews are known to fit their tank up with whatever they feel like and if they find something they want, they usually get it.

The Salaheim regiments do not tolerate cowards or criminals, and regard almost every other world's regiments with distrust and scorn, aside from proven fighters that can get the job done. They hold the Elysians and Steel Legion in extremely high esteem, but otherwise, few have "the balls to fight a real war."


Salaheim Tank regiments usually consist of 5 companies, each company has:

9 Leman Russes of Various types, (mainly regular battle tanks and demolishers, although they do have a few executioners.)
3 sentinels,
4 veteran squads,
4 valkyries for supplies/ troop transport
attached extra units
Chimeras for unmouted troops

(3 baneblades are in the 352nd.)

That's it for now. tell me what you think.

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