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Thursday, March 18, 2010

2000 point Guard army

So I was thinking...(surprise!) What should I put in my guard army? I have been debating this for a couple weeks now and I think that I finally got my list ready:

Straken & Cmd Squad
Medic, standard, officer of the fleet, carapace armor, autocannon, mstr of ordnance

Chimera w/ extra armr and stubber

Lord Commisar w/ carapace and pwr fist


10 stormtroopers
pwr wpn, 2 meltaguns

4x Veteran squads
3 meltaguns, carapace, pwr wpn

2x Chimeras w/ extra armr and stubber

3x scout sentinels

2x Valkyries
lascannons, hellstrike missiles

Leman Russ
Heavy bolters, stubber, extra armor, lascannon

Pts total: 1990

I really like this list and think it could bring my regiments some well-deserved experience

Anyway, let me know what you think.

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