Where jumping out of a valkyrie into a contested warzone with absolutely no armored vehicles and few supplies is a regular day's work...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unto the Anvil of WAR!!!!

O.k. so this post has almost nothing to do with the title.

But, I have decided to team up with Ace_blitzkrieg and RedHarvest on 40klegions to create a new, fully dedicated site that will be twice as good as ElysianRecon. Of course, E.R. (lol) will stick around, but will lose most of the attention I've given it for the last few months. Overall, I really think that this was the most successful blog I've done, and even earned me some new tips, some ways to help my elysians and most amount of followers (6! Whoo hoo!) So it'll be sad to leave it to linger on like a wounded marine, but, such is the price of "victory", and all of my elysians know that their loss of the spotlight will further the "Imperium's" aims. So I say, "forwards, fellow guardsmen, unto victory and honor!"
(I am TOTALLY going to make that my guard's battle cry... :p)

However, I will be on here for a while longer, so keep on posting comments!