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Sunday, March 20, 2011

back in black :)

Hey everyone,

as you know I dropped From The Skies for a while for Anvil of War. I will still be supporting Anvil, but it will focus on my Dark Eldar and Marines there. My Elysians will be taking over FTS again and I will be posting here more often. :) but here are some pics of what I've worked on lately in relation to the IG:

top to bottom: Salaheim 522nd armor, chimera, leman russ, Baneblade "Son of Iron", Valkyrie Sierra-3 "thunder", Thunderbolt KES-41 "Rapier".

The thunderbolt and Valk are next on the painting list after vet. squad Echo 2/2 and 3 Rocket teams.

 Ninjaman :D

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